Getting Your Skin Summer-Ready Before Summer Hits

We all know that dreaded feeling of wanting to look summer perfect before summer hits. We all have equally good intentions to work out, wax our legs, prepare our shopping list for sunscreens with moisturizers, and perhaps to lose a few pounds. While all those good intentions are great, a little work may be needed in order to really be prepared for healthy and attractive summer skin way before summer hits. Preparation is really key in getting your skin summer ready. Nobody can expect to wake up one July morning and magically have the glowing summer skin they always dreamed of.

A Little Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

When springtime hits, it is important to take a good look at your cosmetics. Chances are that you are using what is left over from your winter stock. Take a look at your moisturizer. Perhaps it is time to replace that moisturizer with either of these:

* A tinted moisturizer
* A sunscreen that contains moisturizer

Next, take a look at your skin. Has being indoors created a dry, dull appearance? Start by either purchasing, or making at home, all-natural facial cleansers that contain things such as cucumber and/or sea salt. These things will prepare your skin as it cleanses it while waiting for summer. Check your cosmetic colors as well. Typically, many women utilize winter colors that are a bit heavier and darker than they would during the summer months. See what needs replacing or, better yet, what needs recreating. Light summer makeup in corals and pinks are wonderful choices for the summer. More natural is better when it comes to summer makeup. Increase your intake of water now so that when summertime hits, you will not be overdoing your hydrating techniques.

Sun and Your Skin Now

Begin by stepping out into the sun a few minutes each day, either during your lunch hour or by taking a walk throughout the morning before hitting the showers. Of course, any time you go out into the sun, it is important to wear sunscreen. A sunscreen with moisturizer is even better. Also, be sure to purchase proper eyeglasses and headwear so that it is not too much too soon. Starting out with a little sunshine every day allows your skin the opportunity to get accustomed to the sun once again after a long, hard winter. This will provide an excellent base for your summer suntan. By preparing your skin in spring a little each day, you give your skin a leg-up on looking healthy, beautiful, and radiant way before summer even starts.