Getting Your Skin Summer-Ready before Summer Hits



We're all familiar with that anxious desire to achieve a summer-ready look before the season arrives. Our intentions are good – to exercise, groom, plan our sunscreen and moisturizer shopping list, and maybe shed a few pounds.
Although these intentions are commendable, some effort is necessary to truly get your skin ready for summer well in advance.

Preparation is crucial for achieving summer-ready skin. It's unrealistic to expect flawless, glowing summer skin by simply waking up on a July morning.

A Little Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

When spring arrives, it's crucial to reassess your cosmetics. You might still be using products from your winter collection. Check your moisturizer. It could be time to swap it out for one of these alternatives:

* A tinted moisturizer

* A sunscreen that contains moisturizer

Take a moment to assess your skin. Have long hours indoors left it looking dry and lackluster? Consider using natural facial cleansers with ingredients like cucumber and sea salt, which can revitalize and prepare your skin as you transition to summer.

Review your makeup palette. Winter colors tend to be richer and darker compared to summer shades. It may be time to update your collection or experiment with lighter, more summery tones.

Opt for light makeup shades like corals and pinks for a fresh summer look. Embracing a more natural appearance is ideal for the warmer months.

Start increasing your water intake now to ensure your skin is well-hydrated by the time summer arrives.

Sun and Your Skin Now

Start by spending a few minutes in the sun daily, whether during your lunch break or by taking a morning stroll before showering. Remember to apply sunscreen whenever you're out in the sun. Opt for a sunscreen with added moisturizer for better protection.

Additionally, ensure you have the right sunglasses and headgear to ease into sun exposure gradually. Incorporating a bit of sunshine into your daily routine helps your skin readjust after a long winter.

This gradual exposure sets the stage for a great summer tan.

By prepping your skin slowly each day in spring, you're giving it a head start to look healthy, beautiful, and radiant well before summer arrives.