Things You Can Do Before Bed To Wake Up with Glowing Skin


There’s plenty you can do to improve your skin while sleeping. So, don’t think that your daily skin-care regimen is over by the time you hit the sheets. Washing your face is the thing you should never forget to do before going to bed. Even if you didn’t wear makeup that day you still gotta do it since pollutants, dirt, and skin oils from your hair and fingers can easily get onto your skin. During the night, your skin cells regenerate and the dead ones rub off. However, this process doesn’t go as smoothly if your skin isn’t clean. Washing your face at night, even if just with plain water, makes a real difference to what you see in the mirror the next day. For more effectiveness, we recommend washing it with our electrical facial cleansing brush.

Another thing that can be easily achieved is to give up dairy products right before going to bed if you’re looking to cultivate a flawless visage while you sleep. Research has proven that dairy promotes acne, but particularly pasteurized dairy. So, have in mind that when preparing dinner. If you’re working to fade scars or dark spots, the time to apply retinoids like tretinoin or brightening creams that have ingredients like kojic acid and rosehip oil. To eliminate dark blemishes and acne marks use a q-tip and apply a small dab of hydroquinone to the area right before bed. For best results in getting rid of dark spots, slather on a brightening sealing oil just before you turn off the lights. Make sure the ingredients can work effectively with your evening serums and moisturizers.

Drinking plenty of water right before bed is perhaps the easiest and healthiest way to get that glowing skin in the morning. Keep a bottle of water beside your bed and if you wake up thirsty during the night – take a couple of sips. Of course, don’t forget that drinking water should be the first thing on your to-do list right after you wake up, as well.